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Quick, easy, and fast oil change service

Set up a Appointment with us under our "request a Quote" and be in and out in 30 min or less, this includes a multi-point inspection, 5Qts of our In house brand Synthetic oil and a Micro-guard Filter. We Also offer a Valvoline Extended warranty additive, you can Find more information About this in Our Shop "Maintenance" tab.


Same Day Brake Repair

Are Your Brakes Squeaking, or do you feel like they are not performing at its best. Your brakes are the most important system in your vehicle. You want a ASE Certified Technician to Diagnose your brake system.  Our Brake Jobs Start At $300 Which include a Set of Brake Rotors And Ceramic Brake Pads From our local Distributor. Includes Brake Fluid Flush to keep Your Hydraulic System clean and Clears any Air pockets from the Brake lines. 

Squeaks, Rattles, And Clunks. We Have The Experience To Fix Your Suspension Concern.

Does your Neighbor know your home by the Squeaks and Rattles Your suspension is making over bumps and turns? We want to help save the embarrassment by replacing your worn and loose suspension parts with leading manufactures like Moog, Bilstein, Kyb, Skunk2, and Rancho.

We also Back Our partners with our 3year/3600 mile warranty to keep a peace of mind, while going around a drift corner or just on your way home. 


Is Your Check Engine Light On? 

 Check Out Our website Store, We sell a Bluetooth Scanner that can read trouble codes. A little research on Google and YouTube and you should find your solution. Some may say I saved thousands on doing my own Repair, well I made thousands on repairing cars. IF The job looks way to complicated head over to  "Request a Quote" tab and Set up an Appointment And Get your Vehicle Service By the Pro's.


Do You think Your Air Conditioning Could be colder?   

Scheduled an "Ac Performance Test." Our Performance test Come with A Test Drive checking the center vent temp, we bring it back into the shop, and connect the Ac Machine. We Determined the pressure to be in or out of spec. After 5 years of Ac experience,Our knowledge allows us to  Diagnose Your Ac Concern Starting At $120. 

Is Your Vehicle Overheating? Found A Small Leak or Pouring Out the side of the engine?

The Scariest most Delicate System in Your vehicle. The Coolant system not to be confused with the AC is the bloodstream of your vehicle. If The coolant is Dirty or Clumping it will Effect the way it cools while traveling thru the radiator. A inefficient cooling system will effect The Ac Performance and may even reduce your MPG. We perform Cooling system Flushes starting at $120. Which includes 50/50 Coolant mix for your Vehicle Specification, and We fill the cooling system with a Vacuum Cooling Re-filler. We Double Check for leaks by pressurize the system and we put a vacuum, for that added protection. Our cooling system parts are competitively priced to save you the most money.  We also offer a Valvoline Extended warranty additive which can be found in our "Maintenance" tab under shop for more details. 

Do You think Your Transmission is Bad? Have a Check list Ready 

First Check "Transmission Dipstick" Does it smell burned? set the parking brake on and check the transmission while in neutral. Add half a quart incriminates if low, test drive and repeat step one.

Secondly does the transmission fluid leak onto the ground? very big problem, number of things but mostly the trans pan gasket is a common problem. 

Third does the Engine Flare up? Count the audible shifts while driving, the engine will flare up while the transmission looses friction, this also includes hard or harsh shifts . Set a Appointment in the "Request A Quote" tab and Have One Of Our Technicians confirm Your concern. We offer Rebuild transmission by one of our partners or we can get a Re-manufactured transmission from a dealer or another source. We strongly dont Recommend a used transmission although it may be a cheap alternative.We also offer a Valvoline Extended Warranty Additive for transmission which you can find in our " Maintenance" tab under Shop.

Electrical Issues? Our Favorite, Something is Definitely not working correctly, At times.

How many computers do you have? Well It depends from manufacture, some cars have simple systems and others have complex wiring schematic that scare veteran technician. We aren't scared to tackle the hardest of and most dumb of electrical concern. it may take a bit of time due to its nature of searching for chaffing wires, shorted, bad modules. Set up an Appointment under our "Request a Quote" and we will work steadily to find your electrical issue.

Are You Road Trip Ready? Let us Keep You Safe From A to B and back again. 

We do a extensive multi-point inspection. We replace Your Cabin Air filter, Air filter, Fill tires to Specs, top off fluids to max, replace wiper blades. This Starts at $120 A Good look over before your road trip. Another service for a Piece of mind.



Engine diagnosis

Check Engine Light

Drive Train Diagnosis

Brake and Suspension

Squeaks, Rattles, Clunks

Electrical Diagnosis

Ac And Heating Repair

Road Trip Ready?

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